Executive Learning Programs

Executive Learning Programs

Global Leadership Program

An intensive 3-module leadership course

Global Politics Module: 11–15 September 2023

Global Security Module: 13 –17 November 2023

Global Economics Module: 22 – 26 April 2024

Global Politics Module

  • Contemporary Global Governance
  • Broadening Stakeholders in Global Politics
  • Key Issues in Global Politics
  • Navigating a Fragmented International Environment
  • Strategic Foresight & Effective Leadership in Global Politics

Global Security Module

  • The Evolving Nature of Security
  • Transnational Challenges in the 21st Century
  • The Future of Warfare: Weapons & Technologies
  • Conflict & Crisis Management I
  • A World of Regions; Crisis Management II

Global Economics Module

  • The Global Economic Order
  • Current Trends
  • Energy Security and Resilience
  • Sustainable Development
  • Global Economy Prospects


The Global Leadership Program offers a transformative experience to build the professional capacity of mid-career practitioners from government, the private sector, international organizations, civil society and academia.

Kindly note that all courses will be delivered exclusively in English

This program will provide an opportunity for you as participants to:

  • Improve your knowledge about global developments in politics, security and economics, as well as their impact on state and society
  • Analyze current, past and anticipated changes occurring in the fields of global politics, security and economics
  • Build your critical thinking through a unique learning environment, by inviting experienced practitioners and scholars from diverse fields in an interactive atmosphere of debate
  • To broaden your professional network across cultures and professional domains through their interaction with peers and experts engaging on the course
  • To challenge you in a safe environment where you can practice debating, share lessons learned and engage in conversations with diverse experts

Target Audience

  • Government officials who wish to gain a deep understanding of political, security and economic trends in order to be able to see developments within a larger context.
  • Aspiring corporate officials to have a more comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and obstacles present in the international sphere to improve their chances for successful business.
  • Mid- to high-level professionals who seek a qualitative edge to the information they receive and to the relationships they want to build.

Participants in the program will have the opportunity to choose whether they wish to attend individual modules, or to attend the entire three module program. In this way, the program provides flexibility according to the main interest of the participants.

Each module involves one week of full-time training in Geneva. Participants who are accepted must confirm their availability for the entire period of one, two or three modules and attend all sessions during the module(s).


The program is led by a team of diverse course directors, experts and leaders. It takes a multifaceted interactive approach to learning and will focus on three main dimensions:

  • In-depth classroom analysis of security policy issues through plenary discussions, case studies and working visits to International Geneva institutions.
  • Individual and group skills enhancement through workshops and simulations.

We suggest participants stay at the InterContinental Hotel Geneva, given the proximity to the program venue

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